Ryan Guill Resume

Mark Ryan Guill

388 Dove Valley Road, Collierville, TN 38017
(901) 257-9264 / ryanguill at gmail dot com

Summary of Qualifications

I have close to 20 years of professional software development experience designing, developing and maintaining applications across a wide range of systems for both small businesses and international corporations. Programming is my passion and my hobby and I am grateful to be able to do it full time. I specialize in developing complete system solutions, working with business experts and peers to deliver quality, maintainable software. I have a never-ending desire to grow, both learning new technologies and skills and expanding my business experience.

Technical Profile

  • Broad relational database experience with many engines, including MSSQL, PGSQL, MYSQL, DB2 on AS/400 and more. I have experience designing databases for both applications and analytics.
  • CFML experience since version 5, both ACF and Railo / Lucee. CFML framework experience with FW1, Taffy, ColdBox and FuseBox. I have authored and contributed to many open source projects in the CFML community.
  • Over a decade of JavaScript experience including ES6 (ES2015) / Babel most recently, both on the server with Node.JS and on the client side.
  • Server administration experience with Linux and Windows, both on-premises and in the cloud using AWS, Digital Ocean and Heroku.

Professional Experience

Mind-Over-Data, LLC (Memphis, TN)

Senior Developer / Team Lead, February 2013 - Present

Mind-Over-Data is a small business development and consulting organization developing custom software for a variety of clientele.

  • Broad range of responsibilities including system architecture, complete system development, server administration, team management and project management for both internal and client projects.
  • Projects ranged from small external client websites to museum and attraction kiosks to large systems for fortune 100 companies.
  • Work included broad range of industries including banking / finance, marketing, manufacturing, event planning and management, charity organizations, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and education.
  • Developed a custom websocket server to power a meeting space application allowing users to collaborate on 3D objects in real-time. The server provided multiple rooms, an algorithm to choose an appropriate host and presenter capabilities.
  • Developed and maintained a patient survey system for an oncology research facility. The surveys were controlled using a versioning system that allowed for tracing the history of the changes to the surveys but also allowing for reproducibility of the survey so that answers could be correlated with the exact set of questions the patient received.
  • Maintained and enhanced an existing external system for managing marathon and other running events hosted on AWS. Responsible for developing new capabilities of the system as well as research and break/fix tickets.
  • Maintained and enhanced a system for a Fortune 100 external client that tracked their marketing project budgets, allowing them to categorize and track their overall spend, find funds allocated but not spent and report across their entire organization.

Yusen Logistics / NYK Logistics Americas (Memphis, TN)

Senior Programmer Analyst / Team Lead, July 2009 - February 2013

Yusen Logistics (formally NYK) is a supply chain solutions company offering multiple mode transportation,
warehousing and ocean freight management.

  • Designed and developed an external customer facing portal system in Flex 3.5 connected with a CF 8 / MSSQL 2005 back-end. The system had several modules which allowed for customer managed data applications to provide and receive data from the company, visibility of their shipments across the supply chain and other reporting. This system integrated with several transportation and warehousing systems, developed both internal and externally.
  • Developed a new expense reporting application in Flex 3.5 connect with a CF 7 back-end on top of a legacy AS/400 JDE system. Tasked with reverse engineering and integrating with an existing JDE expense system. Leading the team we were able to utilize the existing database and deliver the application with the requested enhancements as well as several user interface improvements on time and under budget.
  • Developed several internal tools in a variety of technologies for project management, tracking of development issues, QA test plans and results and code standardization and generation. These tools improved communication across teams and reduced defects which decreased development times.
  • Maintained a 20-year-old legacy system containing several million lines of code primarily written in CF 6-9 and MSSQL 2000/2005 but consisted of a variety of technologies including stored procedures, DTS packages, VB applications, MSAccess with VBA, Java and Perl. Responsible for break/fix analysis and execution, as well as providing enhancements in ways that utilized the existing codebase and infrastructure but also provided a more maintainable path forward.

ServiceMaster, Inc. / TruGreen ChemLawn (Memphis, TN)

Lead Programmer Analyst, June 2005 - July 2009

TruGreen ChemLawn is a lawn treatment company that provided services to remove weeds and promote healthy grass growth. As lead application developer, I worked primarily on internal applications for critical business functions and efficiency improvements.

  • Designed and developed a project management application in CF 8 using DB2 on the AS/400 to communicate requests, approvals, resources, events, documents, related requests, discussions as well as reporting. This application was custom written to suit the specific needs of our IT organization and process, and quickly became the primary communication medium both inside of the IT organization and with the business who was our customer.
  • Designed and developed a documentation server solution to manage all types of digital files while allowing them to be indexed and searched quickly. It provided a permissions structure that allowed it be used for both sensitive documents as well as communication releases and collaborative documents. It also provided a versioning system which allowed you to access and discuss specific revisions. This application was written in CF 8 using a MySQL database and was utilized by everyone in the company.
  • Designed and developed a customer retention management application in CF 7 which connected to 210 remote AS/400’s across the country. This application was built to identify and organize customers who had complained to be contacted. I organized and improved the work flow for end users which greatly improved productivity and customer retention. After the first year, analysis showed that it had already saved the company $1.5M.
  • Built and maintained various data management applications to allow maintenance of data by distributed users across distributed databases. This included creating web applications that could determine which of the 210 branches a user worked for and connecting to the appropriate remote system and allowing them to update its data. Traditionally all maintenance of this data was done locally through green-screen RPG applications. These applications allowed not only branch users to update their data in a much nicer user interface, but it also opened up the ability for centralized call-centers and corporate users to have access to the same applications and data.

Self Employed (Memphis, TN)

Contractor, 2004-2005

Working as a contractor for several small businesses allowed me to gain a wide variety of experience relatively quickly. Being self-employed I learned communication skills and how to gather detailed user requirements. My focus was being able to develop a solution for a small business from identifying the problem to delivery of the final system, as well as enhancing these systems as the businesses grew.

  • Designed and maintained several promotional websites with custom developed CMS supporting systems in CF 7 and MySQL databases.
  • Designed and developed an intranet business system for small business doctor’s office that managed employees, payroll, patient records and prescriptions using CF 7 and MySQL.
  • Designed and developed car sales application to manage sales, quotas, leads and inventory for a local Nissan dealership.

Schroeder Publishing, Inc (Paducah, KY)

Web Developer, Webmaster, 2000-2004

Schroeder Publishing was a parent company for two separate publishing companies, one that focused on buying, identification and pricing of collectible items and the other that provided instructional books on quilting. Both of these companies controlled the entire book publishing process except for the actual printing, including the requisition of the authors, photographing the subjects, designing the books and the warehousing and shipping the books to consumers and retailers.

  • Designed and developed customer facing websites in CF 5 for both companies supported by a CMS system which allowed non-technical users to update website content and inventories including a full e-commerce system which allowed users to buy products directly from the website, incorporating bulk discounts and special promotions.
  • Managed many IT functions including networking and software maintenance for the entire company, supporting both personal computers, windows and UNIX server hardware as well as an AS/400 system.

General Information

I live in Collierville, TN a suburb of Memphis. I was previously an Adobe User Group manager and am active in the CFML community. I helped create and administer the CFML slack community which has grown to over 750 users. I have contributed to many CFML open source projects such as FW/1, Taffy and Railo/Lucee, submitting and discussing issues, providing support as well as contributing code and documentation. I authored Watney, a slack bot written in NodeJS/Babel that provides support to the CFML slack as well as many private slack rooms. I also regularly teach new and inexperienced programmers both on the job and after hours.